Pizza with Reading Possibilities

“Mom can I help?” Julia asks as she sees me enter the kitchen to make the pizza that was requested. We used to take out pizza at least once, maybe twice a week. However, ever since I partnered with Wildtree Organic, we take out less, and am cooking more.

As a result, my kids see me cooking and want to help. God Bless Julia, she is a delight, but can be a bit of a bull in a china shop. So when she asks to help, I usually encourage her to do something, less messy like make slime. However, it was a Saturday and we weren’t in a rush so I acquiesced and out came the ingredients.

Because, I am a teacher, and Julia does not love reading, I try to incorporate some literacy skills into this activity. We made a list of what we needed and she helped me spell as I wrote down the ingredients, and the tools we  needed.

Once we had everything gathered we started with the  dough, which is pretty simple, you mix water, and grape seed oil, knead it, and roll it out.

Then we put the pizza seasoning, sauce, cheese, and spinach on, and baked it.

While it was cooking we orally sequenced the directions, using transitional words, first, then, next, after that, and finally. Why did I do that? Hopefully it will transition to when she is retelling a story and help with her reading comprehension.

When I meet with parents of my second language learners, this is what I tell them to do at home. I needed to take my own advice, as Julia has speech issues, and reading is difficult for her.  It was on her own terms and we were doing an activity she liked to do.

When the pizza came out of the oven, Julia announced, “FINALLY! We get to eat the pizza!” “Yes Julia, finally, it is time to eat the pizza,” I laughed, so proud that she used finally correctly.

Do you incorporate reading, art, math, etc. into your cooking with your kids? Comment how below, I am always looking for ideas to sneak some skills in whenever I can.

A little sauce
A sprinkle of cheese
Topped off with spinach

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