This Summer, Just Be a Kid

What was my first clue that I entered middle age? It wasn’t the gray hair or the wrinkles, all of a I was speaking in cliches.  My most overused cliche? “Time flies!” As with most  teachers, I have come to note the passage of time by school holidays. First, the Jewish holidays, then Columbus Day, … Continue reading “This Summer, Just Be a Kid”

Children and Grief

I am so sorry I haven’t written in a while. Like most of you, school is ending and every activity has its ending ceremonies and parties. Two weeks ago, in the midst of all the celebrations my father passed away after battling Alzheimer’s. Even though I know in my heart, it was for the best … Continue reading “Children and Grief”

Every Month Is National Nutrition Month

  As you may or may not know, March was National Nutrition Month. I had planned to write a timely post about how to jumpstart your health.  However, I blinked and today is April 1st. Then I thought “Shouldn’t every month be National Nutrition Month?” I know my main objective is to live a long, … Continue reading “Every Month Is National Nutrition Month”

Trader Joe’s to The Rescue!

“Mom, I’m going to try to go vegan this week, to see if I can do it, ” Claire announced a couple of weeks ago. Claire, is my thirteen year old who once told me she was going to “try” being a vegetarian two years ago, and hasn’t touched a piece of meat since. “Okay,” … Continue reading “Trader Joe’s to The Rescue!”