Is Self Care Really Necessary?

        “You can’t pour from an empty cup, ” I warn my mom as she is running up and down the stairs to take care of my dad. “That is so Oprah, and I don’t do Oprah,” my mom snaps back at me. My mom is the primary caretaker for my dad … Continue reading “Is Self Care Really Necessary?”

Mom, Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Julia, (my six year old) and I were folding laundry and discussing our weekend plans. I told her a very nice mom had invited me for brunch with a group of moms. “Why do you want to do that?” she asked. “It’s a grown up version of a play date,” I started to explain.”Instead of … Continue reading “Mom, Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone”

New Year Habits are the New Resolutions

New Year’s Day, the day where resolutions are made. A clean slate, a new chapter, a blank page to write a new story. Every New Year’s Day, I am so excited to begin again. I announce to the world “This will be my year, I will lose weight, get out of debt, exercise….” and by … Continue reading “New Year Habits are the New Resolutions”

Magical Summer

In our house we “live” for summer. I am a teacher, and by March I am daydreaming of leisurely summer days with no schedule, not rushing out the door, and not having to frenetically emailing, or texting a teacher about a forgotten note or permission slip. The first weeks of summer vacation are busy, sleepovers on weeknights, staying up late, movies, ice cream, parties, swimming, the fun has begun. Then around the 15th of July the magic starts to fade.

I have talked about doing this for so long

Well here I go my first blog post. I have talked about doing this for so long. Every time I thought about doing it, I would get excited and start and then I would immediately stop. Writing isn’t the problem. Actually it is easier for me to write then to speak.  I have time to … Continue reading “I have talked about doing this for so long”