Essential Oils 101

  Are you like me and have always heard of the miracle of essential oils but did not know where to begin?  I am here to introduce you to these essential oils, that I am enjoying. Because I have experienced such wonderful effects of these oils I have decided to join the doTerra Team. What … Continue reading “Essential Oils 101”

Falling Into Learning With

  As an ESL teacher, and mom, I love providing my children and students  with quality worksheets that are FUN! I am so excited to share a website that I use at home and in my classroom. Check out the Autumn worksheets below. Kids will love working this fun word search as they watch the … Continue reading “Falling Into Learning With”

Attitude of Gratitude

  This summer has been hard. Looking from the outside in, it’s pretty easy. I’m off for the summer (I’m a teacher), my biggest struggle has been coordinating the kid’s schedule and driving them to activities within a 5-mile radius. During the school year, I commute about an hour each way, work, drive and pick … Continue reading “Attitude of Gratitude”

Vegan Variety Where You Least Expect It

  Vegan dining at the Jersey Shore? Sounds like a contradiction. When I think of going out to eat Down the Shore, I think of the boardwalk and all of the options- fried dough and Oreos, pizza, soft serve ice cream, and sugar infused lemonade. Every year, the kids were always happy with the options … Continue reading “Vegan Variety Where You Least Expect It”

This Summer, Just Be a Kid

What was my first clue that I entered middle age? It wasn’t the gray hair or the wrinkles, all of a I was speaking in cliches.  My most overused cliche? “Time flies!” As with most  teachers, I have come to note the passage of time by school holidays. First, the Jewish holidays, then Columbus Day, … Continue reading “This Summer, Just Be a Kid”