Who Is In the Driver’s Seat?

Each stage of parenting has its challenges. When they are infants, the challenge is to survive without sleep. As they enter the toddler years every move is dangerous. I remember hovering over my girls making sure they don’t fall or put something poisonous in their mouths. The preschool years are about kindergarten readiness. I thought … Continue reading “Who Is In the Driver’s Seat?”

Essential Oils 101

  Are you like me and have always heard of the miracle of essential oils but did not know where to begin?  I am here to introduce you to these essential oils, that I am enjoying. Because I have experienced such wonderful effects of these oils I have decided to join the doTerra Team. What … Continue reading “Essential Oils 101”

Falling Into Learning With Education.com

  As an ESL teacher, and mom, I love providing my children and students  with quality worksheets that are FUN! I am so excited to share a website that I use at home and in my classroom. Check out the Autumn worksheets below. Kids will love working this fun word search as they watch the … Continue reading “Falling Into Learning With Education.com”

Attitude of Gratitude

  This summer has been hard. Looking from the outside in, it’s pretty easy. I’m off for the summer (I’m a teacher), my biggest struggle has been coordinating the kid’s schedule and driving them to activities within a 5-mile radius. During the school year, I commute about an hour each way, work, drive and pick … Continue reading “Attitude of Gratitude”

Vegan Variety Where You Least Expect It

  Vegan dining at the Jersey Shore? Sounds like a contradiction. When I think of going out to eat Down the Shore, I think of the boardwalk and all of the options- fried dough and Oreos, pizza, soft serve ice cream, and sugar infused lemonade. Every year, the kids were always happy with the options … Continue reading “Vegan Variety Where You Least Expect It”